Ready for Winter?

It has been a busy season for BladeRunners Landscaping.  We have installed numerous brick pavers, plants, and mulch.  We now look forward to the changing of the seasons as we progress into winter.  Preparing your plants for the cold months ahead is vital.  Take some time to water evergreens in as late into the season as possible.  Also, set up wind breaks with burlap to prevent drying from the winter winds.  Anti dessicant sprays work well too.  They can be purchased at a local garden center.  Finally, make certain that the mulch level is adequate, as this helps to keep the moisture in the soil and stabilze temperature fluctuations within the soil.  Good luck!

Winter ?

Since BladeRunners Landscaping, Inc. began snow plowing in 1999 there have been many years where the majority of the snow has fallen in a 4-6 week window. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Old Man Winter has in store.

As we enter the new year we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in creating landscapes that people can enjoy.   We wish the best in 2012.

Water Features

One idea that is often overlooked is water features.  They come in all different shapes and sizes.  They can be as simple as a flower pot continuously overflowing with water to a waterfall and stream flowing into any size pond.  Water features are a simple addition to the landscape that provide a visually stimulating focal point as well as a calm, soothing sound to the environment.  Birds and other wildlife will visit, giving you a real nature experience in your own backyard.

Celebrating 15 Years!

The cold months of winter and the new year always usher in a time of reflection. This year we are celebrating 15 years as BladeRunners Landscaping, Inc. We actually began a few years prior as a one-man operation. Frankly, I was just cutting lawns with a small walkbehind mower that I used to tow on a trailer behind a ‘79 Thunderbird. I’m sure some remember those days. BladeRunners was incorporated in  1996 and we have been growing ever since. Services have expanded to include complete landscape installation as well as plowing and salting services. Throughout the years we have strived to maintain the integrity established in the beginning as a personable, reliable, high quality landscape and lawn maintenance company.

Summer is in Full Swing!

The warm weather of summer continues to heat up and lures many of us out to enjoy our landscapes. The season continues to be wet, keeping all the lawns green without much additional water. Remember, lawns only need an average of 1/2– 1 inch of water per week to be healthy. The plants within your landscape beds usually require less than your lawn to remain healthy. With the rains that have blessed our area not much extra is required.

It is our goal to provide the highest quality of services possible. If ever you have questions or if you are interested in any of our services feel free to call at anytime. Thank you for your patronage.