Harsh Winter…Again?

As we all know, last year was one of the roughest winters in our life time.  The snow came down at record rates and the temperatures weren’t much better.  Many days we had temperatures below zero.  These conditions aren’t only rough on us they are also tough on our landscapes.  Last year, many evergreens were affected by the severe cold temperatures and harsh winter winds.  Below are some tips to winterize your plants for the winter.

1.  Water is very important to the survival of plants during the winter months.  Water plants well, especially evergreens, prior to the ground freezing late in the fall.

2.  Before the ground freezes, mulch plants around the base to a depth of 2-3″.  This will help delay freezing of the ground and help regulate soil temperatures to avoid constant freezing            and thawing conditions.

3.  Burlap shields may be constructed around evergreen plants to act as a windbreak.  Burlap should not be in direct contact with plant material.  Never wrap plants tightly in burlap.

4.  Anti-desiccant sprays, such as Wilt-Pruf, may also be used on broad leaf evergreens to prevent moisture loss.  This should be used according to the product label.

All of these methods will help prevent desiccation, which is the water loss of a plant due to winter winds, warm sunny days during the winter months, and unavailable frozen water.  This fall, use these tips to protect your landscape investment.

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