Record Setting Winter

As we all have heard by now, this year is one of the coldest and snowiest winters in metro Detroit.  Believe it or not, currently we are ranked 5th in snowfall amounts since records began in the late 1800′s.  Everyone, no matter their age,  seems to say that this is how the winters were when they were kids.  I began doing a little research to find out who was right and what I found seems to prove we are all wrong.

According to the National Weather Service the following is a list of the top 10 snowiest winters in Detroit:

1.   1880-1881     93.6 inches                                    6.   2010-2011    69.1 inches

2.   1925-1926     78.9 inches                                    7.   1907-1908    67.2 inches

3.   1981-1982     74.0 inches                                    8.   1929-1930    67.2 inches

4.   2007-2008   71.7 inches                                     9.   2008-2009  65.7 inches

5.   1899-1900    69.1 inches                                   10.   2004-2005  63.8 inches

To date we have received 70.1 inches of snow this season putting us at number 5.  What’s interesting is that with this year included 5 of the top 11 snowiest seasons in the Detroit area have happened in the last 10 years and 5 others occurred before 1930.  I guess if you were born prior to the 1930′s or after the millennium change you can say that it really did snow a lot more when you were little.  As for the rest of us we can just embellish our stories.


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