Adding a Swimming Pool to Your Yard?

If you are thinking of adding a swimming pool to your yard in the near future you may want to develop a full plan before moving forward.  Begin by thinking about what you desire in the end. Will it be inground or above?   Is it simply a pool out in the middle of the lawn?  Do you want to be able to sit by it or grill by it?  What about screening?  Are there neighbors or unwanted views you want to block?  Where will the fence go?  What are the requirements of the local township or city?

Think of these factors before you even begin finding a pool contractor to do the work.  Then once you have found a contractor you will want to work in conjunction with a landscape company to develop a master plan of how that new pool will fit into the landscape you are dreaming of.  Too often, people begin with the pool and then try to landscape around it as an after thought.  Once installed, the pool can not be moved.  Everything must fit into place with what is existing.  It would be like building the shell of a house and then trying to fit all of the rooms, closets, and hallways you wish at the end.  The planning must all take place before work begins so the pool is installed in the best possible location and your vision from the beginning ends up as a reality.

If you are thinking there is a pool in your future, start with a plan for the whole yard and not just the pool.  You can get more ideas on our website at

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