Elegance In Pavers

During the past 17 years that we’ve been in business many new and exciting hardscape products and ideas have been introduced into the landscape market.  In the past, patios, walks, and retaining walls were generally very basic.  The focus was on function first and aesthetics second.  More recently, however, we have seen the beauty these structures can provide equal that of the function.

A few years ago Unilock introduced a new type of concrete paver onto the scene.  These pavers have a more realistic surface texture and enhanced coloring to give a bold but elegant look to the landscape.  The durability is equal or better than any other paver on the market while giving a completely unique look to each jobsite they are installed on.  If what you have is old, tired and boring these may spark your interest and inspire you to make a change.

As you look outside this winter think of the outdoor projects you would like to accomplish this year.  I invite you to visit our website and look at pictures of these products as they have been installed to get a feel of the real beauty they can provide.  If you would like more information on any of these materials or are interested in creating your own unique landscape please contact us to have a design drawn specifically for you.


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