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Benefits of Mulch

With warmer weather here it is time to get out in the yard and see what is left after one of the coldest winters on record.  You may notice some plants, especially broad leaf evergreens, with dieback or other damage.  This happens because of the winter winds drying the leaves and the inability of the [...]

Happy New Year!

To date there has been very little snow this year.  Back in October, it appeared as though winter was going to be a repeat of last year.  Many predicted a repeat of the prior winter.  Then before Thanksgiving we had measurable snow and we thought is was the beginning of the next ice age.   [...]

Harsh Winter…Again?

As we all know, last year was one of the roughest winters in our life time.  The snow came down at record rates and the temperatures weren’t much better.  Many days we had temperatures below zero.  These conditions aren’t only rough on us they are also tough on our landscapes.  Last year, many evergreens were [...]


Around this time of year we are often called on to trim trees and shrubs in the landscape.  Is it really the best time?  The answer depends on what you are prunning and what your intentions are for that plant.  Here are a few tips on pruning that may help. There are two basic types [...]

Shifting Walks

Late Winter and early Spring weather can cause severe damage to walkways within the landscape.   This is  due to water accumulating under the walk and expanding under freezing temperatures at night, causing the walk to shift upwards.   There are a few things we can do to prevent this from happening. The first is [...]

Has It Been That Long?

As we enter the new year I can’t help but reflect back on how we have grown over the years from a one man operation to having multiple crews installing a variety of landscapes and maintaining a number of properties.  I realize, none of this would have been possible without the support of our customers.   [...]

Record Setting Winter

As we all have heard by now, this year is one of the coldest and snowiest winters in metro Detroit.  Believe it or not, currently we are ranked 5th in snowfall amounts since records began in the late 1800′s.  Everyone, no matter their age,  seems to say that this is how the winters were when [...]

Adding a Swimming Pool to Your Yard?

If you are thinking of adding a swimming pool to your yard in the near future you may want to develop a full plan before moving forward.  Begin by thinking about what you desire in the end. Will it be inground or above?   Is it simply a pool out in the middle of the lawn?  Do [...]

Dangerous Walls

Spring is the time of the year to watch out for leaning, shifting, and buckling retaining walls.  This happens because of either poor base preparation, inadequate building material, or improper drainage behind the wall. When constructing a retaining wall of any size the base material is one of the  most important aspects of the entire [...]

Elegance In Pavers

During the past 17 years that we’ve been in business many new and exciting hardscape products and ideas have been introduced into the landscape market.  In the past, patios, walks, and retaining walls were generally very basic.  The focus was on function first and aesthetics second.  More recently, however, we have seen the beauty these structures [...]